World Class Degrees Singapore

The Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) was established in Singapore in 1946 by the local Economic Development Council. Initially, SIM only had professional training as the main institution. Over time, SIM began to have 2 other institutions such as SIM University and SIM Global Education. SIM Global Education is the only local private university in Singapore. The mission of this campus is to provide quality through a unique educational program. One of the advantages of SIM University in practice oriented. Although not a polytechnic, the SIM implements a practicum system in all 60 programs (including technical or not). Therefore SIM University is in demand by more than 14,000 students from all over the world.

For the Diploma program, SIM Global Education has educated more than 22,000 students. This program is a favorite for those who are interested in continuing their studies to get a double degree to various universities in the USA, UK or Australia. SIM Professional Development is specifically designed as a training institution for the benefit of the company. Alumni of this institution return to their original companies with more productive, smart and innovative conditions. Is the SIM suitable for you? SIM will be the best option if you want quality education but not too far from Indonesia. Located in Singapore, of course SIM still has a culture and demographic composition that is not too different. Singapore’s population is dominated by ethnic Chinese and Malays. A clean, disciplined and safe environment is very conducive to learning.

SIM is also suitable for those of you who have a passion in the world of sports and art as a non-academic alternative. SIM Management strongly supports various extracurricular activities. The support provided is in the form of facilities, budgets and competition programs. So it’s not surprising, SIM student clubs win national and international basketball and dancing championships. One of the programs is business degrees Singapore. SIM Global Education and SIM University are the first universities recognized by the CPE (Council for Private Education). This certificate guarantees the quality of education as well as the quality of graduates from SIM. This award shows if the SIM succeeded in establishing financial and corporate growth well. Since its establishment, SIM has been trusted by various companies. Graduates are interested in various companies, one of them in the job placement event after graduation.

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